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As a student we work hard to excel in academics but we often ignore why we work so hard to get good grades? To get a Job! That degree in your hand does not guarantee a job or how well equipped you would be to take on a job. Industrial training enables a student to have a work experience that is relevant to professional development prior to graduation. In industrial training students join the company which is relevant to their entrust and subject and they completed their training in particular time frame which is 6 months or 3 months or might be for longer. It basically gives you an idea about the corporate environment, operations, the company’s structures and real job situations. Industrial training is very important in the present educational scenario as it gives an exposure to the working environment of a large or mid size whichever the trainee opts for the entire gamut of activities of industrial establishments in a phased and systematic manner.

Some common misconceptions are that there is no difference between internships and industrial training. However the two are closely related activities that some technical students and students having a particular project related to a field in industry are offered. An internship carries a stipend while it’s not necessary an industrial training would. Industrial training is part of the curriculum of the course whereas an internship is not. The probability of industrial training turning into a job is more than an internship.

Industrial Training

Industrial training is compulsory for engineering students in the current scenario and chartered accountant students have an option to opt for industrial training in the last six months of their term. Although other universities, institutions and colleges are realizing the importance of industrial training and making it mandatory for students! It helps student to discover their own abilities, gain self confidence, familiarize themselves with the work environment and receiving advice and complying with directions given by employers and execute those tasks. It also gives them a platform to find out their specialization, their strengths and weaknesses and helps them to nurture their ability of teamwork & leadership skills.

Lots of startups and websites are offering portals to students to select the best company as per their needs and requirements. is one of the most trusted websites, which offers an opportunity to trainees to work at some of the biggest MNC’s, banks and other corporations.

Henry Ford allegedly once said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” This statement is relevant in today’s competitive environment too. An employee is the company’s most important asset but many company’s fail to understand that and don’t invest in proper training and development as they think it is not their responsibility but the employee’s resulting in poor performance and results.

Corporate training is the answer to mend all the weak links between all the employee’s in an entity as it is a well designed program which allows all employees to strengthen their set of skills and bring them to a higher level so they are all equally equipped to take on the task at hand. Often company’s also believe that hiring a more well educated and experienced person is less expensive than training employees but they don’t realize that a trained employee will be more loyal and focused on your company’s growth rather than a new employee. The training and personal development of the employee’s should be invested heavily in and also at appropriate time intervals. If you see most successful companies hold training sessions and programs for their employees throughout the year.

Richard Branson of the famous Virgin Airlines famously said 'Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company'. Research shows that 25% of all employees leave their jobs mainly due to lack of training and learning opportunities.

Some benefits of Investing in Corporate training

  • It gives you a competitive advantage over other companies as employees don’t only look at pay but also looks at other perks and benefits offered.
  • Investing in training and development makes the employees feel valued and appreciated which increases their loyalty towards the company. Loyal employees are more motivated and engaged in their work.
  • Employee turnover is a costly affair for companies and as competitive the market is there is no guarantee attached to an employee. The cost benefit analysis of training programs to replacement cost of an employee suggests that training programs are more beneficial even monetarily.

If you are looking for corporate training programs is strongly recommended. We have great programs which can be customized as per the organizations needs and wants. We have a variety of programs to choose from like  team building training, strategic thinking, time management, team management etc.

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